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Notification of James death Sat, 11 Mar 2006 14:24:06 -0500

Hi, Eddie, sorry to have to email this news to you, but Jimmy passed away this morning. Arrangements are still pending. He said to tell all of his family that he loved them. Cathy

Edward writes: In truth I steeled myself from the time my Mother passed away (Dec 22) knowing that he would lose his will to live due to pain. I told Cathy"Tell James he is suffering more from the demonic control of the medical profession than from physical illness.

If he was able to hold on a little longer Christ will return and the tree of Life from the Garden of Eden will be available for him not only restore him back to health but make him a young man again.

He will have a full thousand year life without tasting death.

The paid religionist has been telling lies based on the bastardization of the scripture.

That is why James is sick and the doctors in the medical profession must first treat him as a customer for service not heal him regardless of profit.

That will come to an end soon

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