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Destruction of every instrument of usury and stripping of property rights world wide.‏


New York Times reveals that European-Descended Jews are Counterfeits and have no Blood line to Abraham. They come from Khazars the leadership of Israel has blood ties to a Zionist creation from the 12th century of converted Jews which was used as hired thugs by other nations.

Jews of Eastern Europe were not predominantly part of the Diaspora from the Middle East , but were members of another ethnic group that adopted Judaism.

These creatures would destroy “true heirs” of Abraham & Moses in order to be the sole surviving replacement heirs.

When Christ returns to earth as King of Kings the 50% of life left will look to the heavens see their life portrayed across the sky. All sins revealed all crimes shown no one will care about anything any more.

A voice from heaven will tell them what they did against God and mankind. Only those who tried to make our world better for the love of God will be able to bear the truth of this day.

All Religion is cults when they use it to control populations.

This is what the Koran says about Jesus argue with Christ when he comes.

I spent three months in Heaven talking to all the saints including the apostles, prophets (Mohammad among them) same amount of time on earth was a blink of the eye.

Enoch rod of iron writes: The Idol of your Idea about God is still an Idol. if your Idol is religion to collect money, wage war, than you are worse than unbeliever and will lose your head.

Associating partners with Allah. Shirk can also encompass any object that a person may hold in regard higher than Allah. It is the most severe of sins and will not be forgiven.

What Does the Koran Say about Jesus?

1. Jesus was the only person to be born of a virgin, distinguished from all humans and prophets without any exception: “She said, how shall I have a son, whom no mortal has touched, neither have I been unchaste. He said, even en so thy Lord has said: Easy is that for me; and that we may appoint him a sign unto men and a mercy from us. It is a thing determined.”(19) (Mary 16-24).

2. Jesus Christ alone was distinguished from all humans by being the Word of God, who is the very __expression of the Self of God end, His eternal Being: “The Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, God’s Messenger, and His Word…” (4)The Women 171; (3) House of Imran 40).

3. Jesus Christ alone emanated from the spirit of God; for this reason He did not need a sexual birth. “The Messiah, Jesus Son of Mary, God’s Messenger, and His Word that He committed to Mary and a Spirit from Him.” (4)The Women 169)

4. Jesus Christ alone, in exception to all humans, spoke while in the cradle (19) Mary 22-32). The Koran tells us that Christ needed no one to teach Him anything, not even how to speak. The Bible says: “Who hath directed the spirit of the Lord, or being His counselor hath taught Him knowledge and showed to Him the way of understanding.” (Isaiah 40:1, 13-14). Naturally, no one can teach the one who emanated from God’s Spirit for He is the All-knowing.

5. Jesus Christ alone was distinguished from all prophets with His infallibility and was the only one to be singled out for His perfection; for all the prophets had sinned, and their sins were mentioned in the Koran. However, Christ was the only exception, for “High honored shall be in this world and the next.” (3)House of Imran 45). Also, the Arab prophet (El-Bukhari) testified for the perfection of Christ and His infallibility, saying: “Satan pokes with his finger the side of every human at birth, except Jesus, son of Mary; when he went to poke Him, he poked the curtain.”

6. Jesus Christ alone was distinguished from all others in the sense that He was the Creator: “I will create for you out of clay as the likeness of a bird; then I will breathe into it and it will be a bird.” (3)House of Imran 42).

7. Jesus Christ alone was uniquely incomparable e in knowing men’s secrets: “I will inform you too of what things you eat, and what you treasure up in your houses. Surely, in that is a sign for you if you are believers.” (3)House of Imran 48).

8. Jesus was matchless in making the miracles and the wonders which no other could make: “And I will also heal the blind and the leper…” (3)House of Imran 48).

9. Jesus Christ alone could raise the dead with the word of His blessed mouth: And I will bring life to the dead…” (3)House of Imran 48; (5) the Table 110).

10. Jesus Christ alone exclusively enjoyed the prophetical title of “the Messiah”: “The Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, was God’s Messenger, and His Word committed to Mary…” (4)Women 169). The Old Testament made known the real identity of the Messiah, saying: “Behold the days come, saith the Lord, that I will raise unto David a righteous Branch, and a King shall reign and prosper, and shall execute judgment and justice in the earth… and this is the name whereby He s hall be called: THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS.” (Jeremiah 23:5-6)

11. Jesus Christ alone exchanged responsibility of authority with God: “And I was a witness over them, while I remained among them; but when thou didst take me to thy self, Thou wast thyself the watcher over them.” (5)Table 117).

12. Jesus was the only one to become a Sign unto men and Mercy from God (19)Mary 20) unto men who fell under the burden and the shackles of sin; for which, God’s justice and holiness condemned them to eternal perdition. For this reason the only Savior, who can offer eternal salvation to men came to be a Mercy from God.

13. Only Jesus Christ could give His followers high honors and assurances concerning the day of Resurrection: “I will cause thee to die, and I will raise thee to me, and I will purify thee of those who believe not. I will set thy followers above the unbelievers till the resurrection Day,” (3)House of Imran 55)

14. Only Jesus will be the Judge who will come to this world to judge the living and the dead; the Arab prophet (El-Bukhari) confirmed this fact, saying: “The Last Hour will not come until the Son of Mary come down as the just Judge.


The unforgivable sin of the Sanhedrin religious pride in the idol of your idea about God in place of the Living God. They knew Christ was of God but lied to the people to preserve political power.

Secret society established by King Herod Agrippa The Origin of Freemasonry 1. Masonry was founded by

King Herod Agrippa with other eight Jewish Founders In the year AD43

King Herod Agrippa: I summoned the court of Jerusalem and said:

"Dear Brothers, you are not the King's men and his collaborators. You are the support of the King and the life of the Jewish people.

Until now you have been his faithful followers. From this moment on you will be his brothers . . . "
Let us all understand then, and let us not forget, that this fundamental meeting realized by this new group is based on Brotherhood . . . "

My Brothers, the aristocracy as well as the common people have perceived the spiritual and even political revolt that the appearance of the Impostor Jesus (as in the original) has caused among the people, and especially among our Israelites.

We have noted a great power in him, which he left as an inheritance to that group he called disciples. He founded an Association that he called a religion, it being called that by them as well.

This supposed religion is at a point of overturning the foundations of our religion and demolishing it . . .

"He attributed to himself the gift of prophecy and the power of performing miracles. He claimed to be the hoped-for Messiah of whom our prophets announced the coming; not being anything but a vulgar man like the rest of the people, devoid of any feature of the Divine Spirit, withdrawn to the extreme from the rectitude of our firm Jewish doctrine, from which we are determined not to deviate in even one point.

"Never will we recognize such a person as the Messiah, nor will we recognize his divinity. We know that the hoped-for Messiah is not yet among us, nor has the time of his coming arrived. Nor has any sign been exhibited that might indicate his appearance.

If we commit the error of letting our people follow him and be deceived, we convict ourselves of an unforgivable crime. "...We crucified him, he died and we buried him, leaving guards who watched the tomb.

But it was claimed that he was risen, resurrected! ... He disappeared in an unknown manner, in spite of the zealous vigilance and the security of the closure . . . "His leaving the tomb, my friends, was a decisive blow for his rivals; it was a powerful means that encourages his men to continue spreading his teachings and to prove the confirmation of his divinity . . . "

We will not recognize, on any point, a religion other than ours, the Jewish religion that we have inherited from our ancestors. Duty calls us to preserve it until the end time. That blow had never been expected. That mysterious force had never been dreamed of. Our fathers attacked it and we continue attacking it. In spite of everything, astonishing!

Their number increases. Observe with me how the son is separated from the father, the brother from his brother, the daughter from her mother, all alienating themselves to join that group. This affair encloses a great secret. How many men, how many women, how many entire families have abandoned the Jewish religion in order to follow those impostors, those partisans of Jesus. How many times they were threatened by the priests and authorities, in vain!" (The Dissipation of the Darkness, the Origin of Masonry, pp. 45-47).

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